Been M.I.A awhile…


It has been super crazy around here. We moved into a new place back in February and boy has that been fun. We moved in last weekend of February and took us until almost end of March to get all our stuff moved over. I can’t believe how much stuff we had, but we lived in the previous place for 10 years, I was 16 and my bro was 14 when we moved into the previous place. So we had A LOT of stuff we didn’t even know about, you know how you put stuff in a closet and just forget about it? Yeah we had that in about 3 closets and stuff in the shed outback. Needless to say we got rid of a lot of stuff, a lot of it we didn’t even know why we even kept it. At the old place we had a shed and the new one we don’t so we had to get a storage unit and so that’s why it took so long to get stuff moved cause the storage unit is like 2 towns over so a lot of driving, but we got it done. I can finally say we are fully moved it and settled down, have been about 2-3 weeks! Now we are starting to run into problems here at the home, thankfully we are renting so the landlord has to take care of it. The front and back door needs to be replaced, front porch any time someone could fall through it and the railing on the front porch is really bad just a little weight and it pushing forward. Hopefully the landlord sticks to his guns and gets these repairs done!!

On to how T is doing, boy that has been an adventure I swear! He is going through the stage again of not wanting to listen to mommy again. Two days ago T was so bad I tried being calm and talking to him and then it got to where he didn’t listen and I just started screaming and I almost lost my voice. Between T and our 2 cats I am about to lose it, I swear T can talk cat and tells the cats to be bad when he is just to drive me even more crazy. I don’t know if its cause’ he is around me more so he knows what buttons to push or what is it. When his father is home he will listen and obey him so I think its that. But I do have to say I am proud of T, he is doing good in school and we recently took our yearly vacation to PA to see family and friends, he was really good on the drive and he stayed dry the whole time down! We put him in a pull up just in case cause we knew he would pass out (it takes us 6hrs to get down there) and we make a couple stops and he was dry each time and would go pee, when we got to the hotel he was still dry! Also while we were down there he was really good, except when we went to the toy store but what do ya expect lol. We are having another problem with T with his potty, he used to go poo on the big potty but now he refuses I don’t know what is going on and what to do?

With everything else going on I am also trying to keep up orders on blankets, a friend of mine ordered a queen size blanket and OMG it has been the biggest pain in my a** I could just choke him for the order but he is my friend and the money helps lol. I am slowly trying to get business going but taking a bit, but I know it will happen. I am going to try and keep back up with blogging I guess I just have had writers block and with everything else going on its been too crazy to try and write a post. Hope all my followers and whomever else comes across this has a wonderful day!!!


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