Adventure in bike riding…


Today was a beautiful day, it was nice and warm a little wind but it was a warm wind. We took T out to play and then decided to have him try out his new bike we got him a few months ago. I left it to daddy to teach him cause that’s more a daddy & son time spent together, it was funny & frustrating at the time.  T figured out how he can go down the hill without peddling, but then came the problem with teaching him how to actually pedal. T would get his feet moving the right way for about 2 seconds then he would try and push his feet backwards on the pedals and it would put the brakes on. He just simply couldn’t understand he has to push and move his feet forward. T did finally figure it for a few minutes but then went back to being frustrated with his bike. I think the next time daddy has a day off and its nice weather we will go out and try again, hoping to have better luck with it. Now T is up taking a nap cause he got to that stage of being whinny tired, that’s when a parent just wants to pull their hair out cause they whine about everything and you just know they are tired. Would love to take him back out when he gets up but sadly there is rain coming and its starting to get a bit chilly out. It was a fun interesting day and glad to just spend it with the loves of my life, my fiance and son. We hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!!


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