2 year anniversary for “Mom’s Place of Sanity”


Wow its been 2 years already!? That is so crazy didn’t think it was that time already but wow!

Last year I did a giveaway but sadly this year I will NOT be hosting one, there has been so much going on that I obviously forgot about my blog anniversary. I know as of lately I haven’t been writing but its getting close to the end of school year for T and we have been busy with field trips and much more. I want to say “THANK YOU” to those who continue to follow me, and I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, but hey parenting comes first.

I started this blog to be a place where I can escape the everyday mommy craziness but its turned into everything else. I write about T and how much he tends to drive me crazy but I love being his mommy! I also have been doing some posts about sewing, I used to sew back in 7th grade but stopped and picked back up on it in 2011 and been teaching myself so much with it. I am trying to get things put together to sell but for some reason I have lost my sewing mojo, oh well I will finally get to it.

I still can’t get past the fact this blog has been going 2 years already! Thank you everyone once again for being such great followers to this blog. I am hoping soon to start back at more posts but you never know with a very energetic 3 year old!


One thought on “2 year anniversary for “Mom’s Place of Sanity”

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