Father’s Day 2013

Giving daddy a hug after opening his gift

Giving daddy a hug after opening his gift

Father’s day went by rather good this year!! I got up at 7am and quietly got out of bed and downstairs without waking up D in the process and did it! Normally he would wake up to the door opening lol. But, got up did some cleaning of the house and got showered while everyone else slept, then lil after 9am I went up and woke up T so I could get him bathed and dressed. We then started making breakfast for daddy for father’s day, we had pancakes and sausage. Once food was ready I told T we had to quietly walk up the stairs and then wake up daddy. Before I let T wake up daddy I took a picture of him sleeping I couldn’t help it lol.

lol letting D sleep in

lol letting D sleep in

After breakfast we did gift and card, D only got one gift from T because we didn’t have the funds for anything so me and T made him a gift and heck homemade is better anyways. We got daddy a card a while back its a big card that had the Marvel hero’s on it.


The gift we made for D was a small blanket but its now a wall hanging. We turned it into wall hanging cause it is small and we knew D wouldn’t want nothing to happen to it. I was able to make this out of fabric I had laying around the house, yay for stocking on fabric!! I cut 9 squares that measured 6.5 x 6.5 then on 8 of them drew lines that were 1/4 inch from the edge and let T draw pictures on them for daddy. The fabric squares had freezer paper ironed onto the back to help better stabilize the fabric while T drew on it. The 9th square I wrote a message for daddy to be place in the middle of the wall hanging. The pictures T made are his hands and feet that I traced, then picture of Thomas the train, him and daddy with the sun or Mr. Sun as he called him, mommy outside in the sun and then a picture of T with his kitty cats. I thought his pictures came out so frigging cute!! Then I took black fabric and used it to do sashing between each square and a blue square to help show off the white squares more. The back of the wall hanging I used the old marvel comic hero’s fabric I bought a while back and finally found a way to use it!

I think daddy loves his gift.

I think daddy loves his gift.

Needless to say D loved his father’s day gift! I am so glad he loves it cause T was all excited bout helping make something like this for daddy. The rest of father’s day went by really good just relaxing and letting D enjoy the day.

All hung up in our living room

All hung up in our living room


One thought on “Father’s Day 2013

  1. I had an awesome father’s day thanks to you and our son making it very special, from letting me sleep in, which is something i rarely do, to making me that beautiful hanging quilt, T’s awesome card, and the breakfast you made. I loves it all and I love you tons!!


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