Drive-In fun!

On July 13th, we all went to the drive-in, there was myself, D, T & my ma. It was actually my idea cause I wanted to take D & T to the drive-in for their first time!! Okay so its understandable with T for his first time cause he is 3 years old, but D he just turned 30 back in March and NEVER been to one. I was completely shocked when he told me this, I just couldn’t believe it! I am only 25 and have been to drive-ins a lot especially when I was a kid, we would all go to my uncle’s and we would go over and see the movies. I figured since it was their first time I would take them to what I consider is the best drive-in which was about an hours drive from where we live, its the Silver Lake Twin Drive-In, I just love that place and its been about 7-8 years since I was last there and nothing has changed and the price is still the same since I was last there, oh wait it went like actually $.50 since I was there. It cost me $7  for me and D for 2 movies, then T was supposed to be free cause he is 3 but the lady apparently didn’t hear me and I had to pay $3 for him but its okay.

When we first got there the drive-in wasn’t open yet, it was like 4ish when we got there and gates don’t open til 6pm. We took T over to the arcade there and boy did he have fun, there was this one came and man did T do awesome at that. Now I had tickets still left from when I was last there like I said 7-8 years ago, I brought them with me and the tickets are still the same and we were able to turn them it, which was a total of 129 tickets. After playing games and turning in what I still had T had a total of 675 tickets, not bad for only playing a few games, like I mentioned he did great on one game. People were starting to line their vehicles up at the gate so we got into our vehicle and waited. Once we got in we only moved the vehicle like 3 times before we got the perfect spot, front row!!! They have a neat little play ground for the kids, and we let T go off and play and we sat in the chairs watching him, where we were parked we could see everywhere he went, plus obviously there was other parents there too. My ma (T’s Gigi) watched T while we went over to get some pizza cause man we were getting hungry. We get into where you get the pizza and boy they were busy, so we gave our order and they gave us something that they can page us when it was ready.


Well it was little after 9pm when the movies started, T at first was a little antsy, but its expected with a 3 year old. So you are probably wanting to know what movies we seen, well we went to go see Despicable Me 2 & Monsters University, T was really wanting to see them so that’s what we seen. Oh also this whole day was a surprise to T he knew nothing about it, it was so hard not telling him cause of him wanting to see these movies so bad. I thought T was going to fall asleep a few time but he didn’t he stayed awake thru both movies. I don’t know who was more excited with the whole experience, D or T but I am so glad we were able to go everyone had a wonderful time. Now we are planning on saving some money and going again!!

I have to say the movies we seen were so awesome, both movies were good, but I would have to say Despicable Me 2 is my favorite!!!


5 thoughts on “Drive-In fun!

  1. I think that drive-ins sound like so much fun! They just started movies at the park here and we are looking forward to going, too! Thanks for commenting on my post today…it was a good prompt for me to stop by your fun blog for the first time! Jealous you guys have an old-fashioned drive-in! 🙂 Tricia


    • Welcome to my crazy blog, its just a place for me to rant about whatever I feel like at the moment lol. I loved your blog post today, I am just starting to notice the change from one thing to another with my son. We have a drive-in that is like 10 mins away but its not as good as the one we went to, the experience for my fiance and son was just amazing and so glad we were able to do it and can’t wait again. I wish where I lived they did movies in the park it would be something good for our small community.


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