Almost time for school!


Wow, its been a while since my last post but we have had a busy summer with T trying to keep him busy.  We have gone to the drive in 2x this summer, had a few cook outs at home and just had a blast spending time with T and also helping him get ready for school. We have been working with his numbers and ABCs, also we have been working on getting him to know what mommy & daddy’s real name is, cause in order to enter Kindergarten next school year (2014-2015) he has to know them and other stuff. I just can’t believe how far T has came since summer break began, he is now eating chicken!!! To many it is no big deal, but you have to understand T is a SEVERE picky eater and normally just eats pbj’s, pancakes and waffles. So him eating chicken is a major progress for us and we are so proud of him, just hoping he starts eating more and more foods.

T goes to Head Start, its kinda like a school, but mainly for low-income families and stuff. Trent started last year in the 3-4 year olds but to me that was considered Preschool, this year he will be in the same room but they will work with him more to get ready for Kindergarten so I call it Pre-K cause is basically the same thing. T is really excited about school starting up, he loves his teachers and can’t wait to see his friends. Today we had a home visit from the teachers to see how Trent has progressed over the summer and so they know what they need to work with him for the up coming school year. T was super excited seeing them this morning but got bummed when they had to leave. I can’t believe my baby boy is 4 years old and going into Pre-K already!

The public schools around here have already started, but Head Start will does not start until Sept. 24th, and on the 23rd they are doing open house so the children and parent(s) can meet the teachers, child(ren) can sit on the bus and know what its going to be like and meet their other classmates. T has been asking every day since about a week into summer vacation if he can go back to school, and we have to keep telling him he can’t yet and he has to wait. I hope all you parent(s) are having a wonderful time with your child(ren) in school or getting ready for school!

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