Halloween decorations!


Before we got hit with this cold weather myself, D & T were able to get our Halloween decorations put up!! It may not look perfect or to others over done but we love how everything came out! D is a BIG Halloween lover so since we were in a place that we can actually decorated he went all out on getting stuff. Thankfully we had Halloween lights from years ago someone gave us and we got almost everything else for Dollar Tree (I love that place!). We also found our Halloween inflatables we’ve had for a few years but never really could put up, got them set up and look awesome. Since the front of the house is on a main street we decorated the front and the back of the house is along a side street so we decorated the back too! T is really excited about Halloween this year, he at first wanted to go as a ghost but now wants to look like Thomas the train. So we are going to keep asking him to make sure what he actually wants to be and get his costume made.

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We even decorated the inside of our house and I have to say it really puts you in the spirit of Halloween. T is actually loving all the Halloween stuff and always asking if we are going to do more decorations, but we tell him we are all done. I made a cute scrappy banner to hang in our living room, I took some rope I had on hand, got some Halloween fabric from JoAnns and made a banner. Which I learned never tell your child pick out whichever Halloween fabric they like, I was carrying around 10 bolts if not more cause I didn’t think I was going to need a cart, I only got 1/4 yard of fabric from each so it was only costing me a hair over a $1 for each one. I absolutely love how the scrappy banner came out!

Since we are all done decorating for Halloween its time to sit back and enjoy the month of October and enjoying anything Halloween that’s going on! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and have fun if you get into doing Halloween decorations!

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