Un-finished Quilts…

Yeah, I have 4 blankets I need to some day get finished up, the quilt tops are done just need to do the whole sandwich and quilt them. I think one of my things is, trying to find the perfect backing for them and being able to find nice fabric but not cost me an arm and a leg. Once I do get these quilts finished they will be used here at home, cause they are part of my quilt a longs I have joined and I would really love to have them here and not sell them.

Quilt top #1:


 This quilt top is from Crafty Gemini’s first Video Quilt Along, I had so much fun doing this quilt top. I loved how she taught different types of easy blocks. Its was definitely a beginner quilt along for anyone learning. I already have some nice fabric put aside for the backing, JoAnn’s had a sale going on plus I had a coupon so I was able to get a great deal on the fabric! I need to straighten up the top, sandwich it, quilt it then bind it and the quilt will be finished. Why haven’t I done it yet? I think its cause I get into wanting to finish the quilt but another project comes up and I have to put it aside. This quilt top has been finished since 08.08.2012.

Quilt top #2:


This is from the Halloween jelly roll race I did just cause I wanted to try it out and see how long it would take me. I already had a bunch of Halloween strips and didn’t know what to make out them so when I came across the race, I thought “heck why not try it”. Thankfully my cell had a stop watch on it cause otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to time myself on it. T was already in bed and D was playing World of Warcraft so perfect time to work on something like this NO distractions! It took me a total of either 52 or 59 mins to make the top. Not too bad for being the first time doing this race, I already want to make another Halloween one but who knows. For this quilt I have white fabric with black spider webs on it that I got dirt cheap at a store on sale and not too sure if I will use that for the backing. Why I haven’t finished it, well it got tucked away somewhere and then we moved so I just found it about a month ago and really wanna get it finished to cuddle up with. Quilt top has been finished since 11.03.2012.

Quilt top #3:


This really isn’t a quilt but its a blanket I do need to finish up. Its puffy blanket, kind on the small side, I used 4 different fat quarters and I used one of each, should have bought more but hey I didn’t know. I just gotta find some fabric to use as the backing and it will be done. Reason why its not done? Eh to be honest too lazy with this one I guess lol. Been finished since 11.05.2012.

Quilt top #4:


This is from Crafty Gemini’s Victorian Modern Quilt along. This was an expensive quilt top to make, I went and bought the fabric that was required but then after found could use whatever, I still like the fabric, but cost me almost $100 for all the fabric. The nice thing is you have a decent amount of fabric left over to use for other projects so I guess its not to bad in the long run. I love how this design came out and so want to get it finished. Okay you may be asking what’s up with the arrows, well once I got the top finished I thought I was done and I was super excited. But after I took the photo I realized that there are 2 blocks that need to be switched, and I still can’t believe I messed them up. Still haven’t figured out a backing for it yet, want the perfect one for this quilt. Reason why its not done, well those two blocks that need to be fixed is the reason its going to be a pain to take apart and sew the right way. Quilt top has been finished since 05.05.2013.

Guess I should some day get these quilts finished but hey things come up. I bet some of you have quilts you have not finished in a few years and its understandable we all have different things going on. But when we do finish our quilts, they come out beautiful and then think why didn’t I finish this one sooner? Well hope you enjoyed my random rant today and have a beautiful day!


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