My breaking point

I am not a bad mother, but a few days ago I seemed like the worse mother ever! Why?! Because basically I reached my breaking point with my stress and my son. T was simply given his dinner chicken with syrup, yes I know sounds weird but he is a severe picky eater and its how he likes it. Well that night he decided to be a brat and not want to eat, about 2 hours I had to keep getting after him to eat his dinner. I hit my breaking point when T got up in my face and started yelling at me, I couldn’t take the stress no more and that was it. I got up took his dinner away, picked him up and tried taking him to bed. But he fought with me screaming “no I brush my teeth”, well at least with all the yelling and screaming he remembers he has to brush his teeth right? After his teeth are brushed he stomps upstairs and goes to bed crying and screaming along the way. Now you are probably thinking that’s no breaking point, well for me to do that it is. I usually don’t jump up and do stuff like that, I normally just deal with it and get more stressed and nerved up. For some reason I just couldn’t take the screaming and the yelling at me with T and I made him go to bed without dinner, he didn’t want to eat it and be a brat about the whole ordeal.

I just wish I knew what the heck is going on with my son, anymore he has become this little devil child and I just want my sweet little boy back. Yes D has a new job and the hours suck cause he works 3:30-midnight but T should be used to it by now, cause D has been at his new job for about a month now and he has just started up this nonsense not even 2 weeks ago. Maybe is cause of school, he did start school about 2 weeks ago and I have noticed he has had an attitude since then. I just am at my breaking point anymore and don’t know what to do, I guess I just try to keep being a good mom and hope T gets thru this phase he is going thru.

Have any of you parents gone thru this non-sense with your child(ren)? If so any suggestions? PLEASE!!


3 thoughts on “My breaking point

  1. He might be more tired with school, making it harder for him to cope. When my daughter started kindergarten, I was really surprised at how much more tired she was–she had been going to daycare full-time, so I didn’t think it would be that different, but she was exhausted. Maybe try an earlier bedtime?


    • We don’t know what is causing his anger issues. He goes to bed between 8-8:30 and wakes up between 7:30-8:30 every morning. I don’t know if he is tired or not cause he will not take a nap, and usually he would just pass out on the couch but doesn’t do that anymore either.


      • It could just be the age, testing limits. I think you handled it well, actually. You were not screaming at him, but you let him know that yelling at you was not going to be tolerated. That is a good lesson for kids to learn! If you are almost always calm, it makes more of an impression when you break a bit anyway, :).


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