Moments like this…

Got the thumbs up for making his tent!

Got the thumbs up for making his tent!


…is what makes me love being a mom. T may be a major terror at times and cause me to have severe migraines but I wouldn’t want him any other way. He is a unique four year old and different from the rest of the kids his age. I got him off his bus today and the bus driver told me “When T got on the bus he said “I love my mommy very much!”” That made me smile cause even tho there may be argues and yelling, I am still doing something right with being T’s mother and he knows no matter what I love him so very much!!!

As soon as he got off the bus, we did our routine of asking if anything is in his backpack and he said there was a picture for daddy. I checked it out and I almost cried, it was a picture of daddy and said “I love my daddy” and T tried to write his name. I thought that was just the best picture he has ever drawn and can’t wait to show it to D when he gets home tonight. Also T remembered me saying yesterday if he was good we would make a tent in the living room, so after our after school routine (T has a set routine he likes to follow) he got me his blanket and I made him his tent. He is now relaxing in his tent with his favorite stuffed bear Blu watching Disney Jr and being a really good kid.

I guess even tho we all may have our bad days with our children, with them being the devil himself sometimes, that somewhere’s you have taught your child something and they know that you still love them no matter what.

3 thoughts on “Moments like this…

  1. awesome!! is this the blanket?? at least the backside, lol? Love the post & love the tent. I am right there with ya. These kids know how to push my buttons & I just want to scream, and then they snuggle up to me & tell me they love me, and it’s just wonderful.


  2. Sorry that’s not the blanket, here is the link to the one I made and he loves the back

    Yeah my son pushes my buttons almost everyday but then he has his days where he is just a little angel and its like I wish I could have more days like that. I get to where I just wanna scream and pull my hair out but I don’t. After he calms down and realizes what he has done wrong his is all snugy and I can’t stay mad.


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