Mug Rugs!!

First off some of you may be asking what is a mug rug? A mug rug is bigger then a coaster but smaller than a place mat. Its the perfect size for holding a coffee, tea or whatever your drinking plus a little snack on the side. You also get to design it whatever way you want and the size is always different.

Quilting Gallery hosted a “Fall-inspired mug rug swap” and I was lucky enough to be able to sign up for it. By the time I found out I had less then 24 hours to get signed up for it, so glad I did get to this time! I was partnered up with a lady who lives in Colorado and is a wonderful lady. At first I was nervous about making these rugs cause I wanted them to be perfect but after being reminded its just for fun everyone was partnered up with their sewing skills so I knew my rugs would be just fine. It took me over a week to figure out patterns cause this swap we have to make 2 rugs and send them to our partner. My first idea was a major flop and I didn’t like how it came out so back to the drawing board, after searching Google I came up with two patterns, the one I had to purchase but it was worth it such a cute pattern.

All the items I sent to my swap partner!

All the items I sent to my swap partner!

I wanted to add a few things along with the rugs so I did some thinking and came up with some stuff. I went thru some of my fabric and cut up some 5 inch squares and make a big charm pack for my partner, the fabrics included: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and some random fabrics. I also made her a cute washer necklace, a package of piping and a post card from my town. I sent the package out last Friday and she should receive her rugs today too just like I have today.

All the goodies in the little bag!

All the goodies in the little bag!

I received my two mug rugs from my partner today and I just frigging love them!! They are super cute and can’t wait to use the, maybe one at the sewing desk and another in the living room?! She also made 2 small charm packs, one fall colors and the other Christmas theme, I thought that was really nice of her. I still can’t get over how cute the rugs are, T came home from school and tried stealing the pumpkin mug rug, when I said no its mommy’s he got bummed out, so I think I am going to be letting him use it instead since he loves it so much. My partner included a note and also mentioned maybe sometime we can do another swap like a fabric swap or something just the two of us, I thought that was pretty cool and I will def keep that in mind.

Mug rugs and charms I received!!!

Mug rugs and charms I received!!!

This swap was definitely fun and I am so thankful to have been pared up with an awesome lady like my partner. It was fun coming up with fall-inspired ideas, I normally work with Christmas and random other stuff but not actual Fall. It was an overall wonderful experience and I can’t wait for the next swap, I think I am getting hooked with with these swaps they are just so much fun to do and you get to know new people.


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