Almost 2 year quilt…

Tag I did up showing how long it took, also can see the pattern of the backing.

Tag I did up showing how long it took, also can see the pattern of the backing.

Crafty Gemini hosted her first video quilt along HERE back in November 2011, well I joined in December 2011 cause you could join whenever you wanted. Each week she would do a video that showed how to make a different type of block. There is a total of 12 blocks and some were pretty easy and some well to be where a pain, but it was all part of the learning process. After finally getting all 12 blocks made, they sat for a while before I came up with what I was going to use for sashing. Once I figured out the sashing boy that was when the fun really began, figuring out how exactly I wanted all my squares laid out, but I had help from D and got it figured out pretty quick. Once the quilt top was finished it got put off to the side, got busy with other projects and just life/motherhood in general was more important. Then we moved from the apartment into a house and I found the top and figured someday I will get it done. I already had the backing, since Joann’s had a great deal one time and took advantage of it.

Front of quilt!

Front of quilt!

Well Monday night I decided it was time to work on a quilt that has been sitting for a while. I spent 3 hours that night working on quilting, I did the stitch in the ditch method for the whole quilt. Then Tuesday night I spent about 2.5 hours got the rest of the quilting done and did the binding, I was super excited once I got it finished! I just couldn’t believe I got the quilt done and how cute it looks all finished. I don’t know why I took so long to get the quilt finished, but its finally done and that’s all that matters.


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