Pumpkin patch adventure


So this post is a bit late, we went to the patch back on October 19th but been to busy to get a post up. That day was the same day as my brothers birthday, can’t believe he is 24 already, just means I will be 26 soon lol. We spent his birthday by taking T to the pumpkin patch, I think my brother had fun cause he got to spend time with his family and got to spend time with his only nephew, he don’t get to see him much so we are thankful when he can visit us. T absolutely loves his uncle and would be lost without him, I get a little upset when my brother has to leave cause T gets so bummed out and sometimes cries when he has to leave. We all went up to the pumpkin patch on the 19th, it was myself, D, T, my mother, my brother and his girlfriend. It was supposed to rain that day but thank God the weather held up until we left when it started to rain a little. We went straight to the pumpkin field when we got there cause we knew T was going to take some time picking out pumpkins. We spent almost an hour looking at pumpkins cause T couldn’t find the pumpkin he wanted, but he finally did and actually picked out two pumpkins. We didn’t think it was too bad price for the pumpkins it came to $9.25 for two pumpkins, not bad when paying by the price and we got decent looking pumpkins.

Of course after looking for pumpkins we had to go over to the play area and T was having a blast over there. Got to play on the wooden train, pretending to be an engine driver then went over and played on the pirate ship pretending to be captain of the ship. Then they have another area that kids can go play it but you have to pay to get in, well its $10 per kid and then there was a price for the adults too, so we said it wasn’t happening that is too much money. I can’t believe that for more play area you have to pay but oh well T was having fun in the part that was open for everyone. Overall T had a blast at the patch, I don’t know which part he had fun with the actual patch adventure or spending time with his favorite uncle or even both? Either way it was a wonderful day and we are glad T had a blast.

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