Happy Halloween!


Yes I know a day later but hey at least I got the post up right?! 

Well yesterday was Halloween (duh!) and T was really excited about going out this year. Last year we tried getting him in the spirit of Halloween but he wanted nothing to do with the holiday and getting dressed up so we stayed home. This year he got super excited about it and even picked out his own costume! We started the day out by spending the day with T at his school, his teachers were thankful we did cause that gives the school more money cause we volunteered. All of T’s classmates enjoyed me and D being there, they just were all over D and just having fun the whole time. After school T kept telling us “we going trick or treating?” and we kept telling him yes and that he still had a bit before its time, but, you know kids they don’t wanna listen. Trick or treating didn’t start til 5:30pm and went until 7:30pm, well after we got T dressed up and got all set it was about 5pm and people were already out trick or treating so that made T wanna leave even more. T dressed up as Mike from Monsters Inc & University and D wore the new Sully hat/scarf we got. I would say it was about 5:15pm when we finally left the house to go out and T was just excited to finally go out. We did a ton of walking and the weather wasn’t too bad, except the wind decided to start picking up, the joys of being in a high wind warning. Then we were about 2 blocks away and it started raining, but this mommy was smart I remembered an umbrella lol. It was super cute watching D & T walking around and people thought it was cute seeing them two together, I am so thankful D was able to get the day off and have fun. 


Overall the holiday went amazing! It was funny we would see cars parked all over, and it brought back memories to me and D about how when we were kids, our parents would drop us off and say they would be waiting at the end of the block. But not us, we did walking cause it was stupid to drive all around, we hit about 7 blocks give or take that total about 1 mile or more of walking.


We hope everyone had a safe/fun Halloween!!!


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