Long time no post


Wow its been a few weeks since I last post but hey we all have a life right?! Well some of us have a normal life and don’t dedicate it to blogging lol. There has been some important stuff that has gone one and I think I should keep my true followers up to date.

Lets see back in October(ish) I opened up my Etsy shop!! I was pretty excited about opening it up, I have made stuff and keep getting told I need to sell it and well I finally got the shop opened. Wanna check it out head over to Kreative Sewing by Mumma, unfortunetly I can only have so many letters so its Kreative Sewing by Mumm lol, but hey its still my shop. I opened it up with 3 baby quilts, I have just recently added more items, but sadly the quilts are still up for sale. I thought they would have been the first item to sell. I just put up a few pot holders like last week and I already sold a set!! I was super excited about finally selling something, I already can’t wait to sell something else. I am in the process of working on 8 bit quilt patterns so I can soon have them posted, I am hoping those will sell pretty quick.

T has been doing so so, he has been picking up a little attitude thanks to his schoolmates. He has quite the little attitude and thinks its all about him, he looked at his father today and said “I don’t like you” because he was being punished for doing something. He is just getting out of control and we don’t know what the heck is going on with him. We will be having him tested soon for Autism, his teachers plus us are seeing more and more signs of it. We are still working on bedtime wetting, there are a few nights he don’t have an accident then BAM we have an accident and don’t tell anyone til a few hours later when we can finally get around to checking his bed. Next thing we are still working on him, is his eating habits, they still basically SUCK!! He is wanting to eat more and more but its still the pbj and pancakes, he refuses to eat anything else. He will eat chicken with syrup but that turns into a battle and takes him over an hour to eat just 4 chicken nuggets.

Our Thanksgiving went pretty darn good this year. We had the dinner at our house this year for the first time. We did the turkey, squash and dinner rolls, my aunt did the potatoes and corn and brought it over. The turkey took over the 6 hours it said but once it was done, it was so good and I think it came out better then when my grandparents used to have the dinners. We didn’t have any fights or arguing for this holiday dinner now lets hope Christmas is the same way cause we are having Christmas here too!

Overall we have been a busy family and trying to enjoy the holidays. I know one thing, I am so glad T goes back to school Monday, he was out of school all last week and the attitude shows it! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is having fun getting ready for Christmas!


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