Snow Day(s)


Well if some of my readers haven’t figured out we are from Western New York (WNY) and since yesterday we have been getting hit with some major snow. Buffalo actually had to announce a Blizzard Warning in a bunch of counties, the first time since 1993. Where we live we haven’t been hit as bad as everyone else around us but we have had some snow, frigid cold weather and A LOT of wind. With the wind its been real feel of 5 and a feel of -20 at different times, so with this nasty storm schools in the WNY area were closed today, and since the storm is still hitting and actually I guess coming back (weird) schools are closed again tomorrow.

I am still trying to figure out why our school district is closed since we are not being hit as bad, but I guess its cause of the wind chill warning that ends at 4am tomorrow. Now the students in our town just went back to school Monday (01.06.2014) and they already had today and now tomorrow off from school, T’s school is associated with them but he only goes to school M-Th so he basically will only be in school two days this week cause of this storm. T was bummed at first finding out school was closed, but he got over it and just had a blast playing with his toys. I still can’t believe that my son is actually loving going to school, but hey he is only 4 of course school is fun, wait til he gets older, then he will be praying for a snow day.

With T being out of school today it was to say the least interesting, he was good for most of the day and even helped re-arrange the dining/sewing area (even tho mumma isn’t supposed to) but later into the day he turned into a mouthy little brat. I can’t believe how mouthy he has become, I don’t many 4 year olds like him, no he don’t curse he just gets heck I can’t even explain, its funny but annoying at the same time. With tomorrow being another snow day, I gotta figure out something for him to do, he likes doing crafts but if it isn’t train related he isn’t interested so it makes crafts harder to figure out.

Hope those who live in the same area as me, or is getting nasty weather too, you are staying safe and warm!


One thought on “Snow Day(s)

  1. I think the mouthiness is just a phase, and I really do hope it passes. Just remember that he may not be able to help it much either, but I know as well as you know that through it all, we couldn’t have him any other way 🙂


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