Lunch chat


Yesterday (03.15.2014) we were sitting down having lunch and T for some reason started talking about where he came from. Now he is too young to know where kids come from he is only 4 years old so we ask him where does he think they come from and his story is so stinking cute! He said that we went to a baby store and picked him out, he kept going on and asking questions on why did we pick him and where he was in the store and other stuff. It was such a cute convo with him, its amazing how kids come up with some cute stories, he has told this story before but it’s still cute when he tells the story. At least we have more years before T has about wanting to know where babies REALLY come from.

Does your child(ren) ever ask where babies come from and did they come up with a cute story? I would love to hear their stories.


4 thoughts on “Lunch chat

  1. My son asked once how the baby got in my belly, a question that caught me off guard and received a “let’s talk about that later” answer. After reading this, I think it would be fun to ask what he thinks–and of course be prepared for his having questions for me! :p


    • Awww, I think asking the child how they think it happened is the best thing cause they get to use their imagination and we as the parents get to just go along with it and get to do that until they are older and ask lol.


  2. I love the story as to where he things he came from. And the awesome part of it all is that it keeps growing everytime he tells it. Something new is added or something is changed. I fear telling him when he gets older about where he came from because I don’t want to ruin his story lol


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