Been “sew” busy


As of lately I’ve been fairly busy with sewing and getting T ready for Kindergarten! That’s right in the fall my baby boy will be going to public school and starting kindergarten, we can’t believe it and wish he would just stop growing! We took him in last week to take a test basically they did stuff with him to find out which teacher to place him with. He even got to climb up into the big kids school bus and walk around and check everything out and he is REALLY excited about going to school.

With getting T ready for Kindergarten I’ve also been busy getting stuff sewn to post onto my Etsy shop! I opened the shop up a while ago and have only had 4 sales, I am trying to stay positive but its hard to. I currently just got done making decorative pillows that are made to order with the designs of “Agents of Shield“, “Hail Hydra“, “Rebel Alliance“, “Adipose” from Doctor Who, “Alliance & Horde” from World of Warcraft. They are just 12″ x 12″ pillows and figure perfect size to have setting on your couch to showcase your love for them. I’ve also been working on quilts to add to the shop but slowly running out of ideas but I know I will think of something lol.

I just can’t believe I actually started up a Etsy shop and have at least sold a few items, hopefully soon I will sell more and people can be an owner of a creation of mine. Other then getting T ready for Kindergarten and trying to get my shop going nothing else exciting has been going on. I’ve been neglecting the blogging world cause just not much has been going on lol but hey I’m still here!!

Hope everyone has been doing great! Are you ready for summer yet?! We kind of are mainly for going to the drive in and spending fun outside!!


One thought on “Been “sew” busy

  1. It’s hard to believe our little man will be going to kindergarten this year. It’s amazing how time can fly past so quickly and how so much can change in a hand full of years. I know he will do great in kindergarten, and will give everyone a run for their money. As far as your pillows, they are beautiful!! It shows you put alot of time and love in them and that they would make a perfect addition to a geek’s home decor.


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