Nighttime potty training


First off whoa its been a bit since I’ve last post sorry!

As the title says, we have been working with T on his nighttime potty training, and we have had some good success this time around. We ran out of pull-ups and we didn’t have the money to buy more so we figure best time to start working instead of wasting money on those pull-ups. We started on April 16, 2014 and that night was a success well its been a month since we started and T has only had 3 accidents. That is really good in our book, when he had an accident we didn’t get upset just cleaned up the mess and explained it was okay.

I can’t believe how well he is doing with the nighttime potty training, he has shocked us all on how well he has done. We are thinking by time he starts Kindergarten in the Fall he might be fully night time potty trained! But lets not get our hopes up too high cause you never know. I am just proud of him, this has been stressful but at the same time I can’t believe my baby boy is growing up!

How old was your little one when they were fully nighttime potty trained or when did you start?


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