Goodbye June Hello July!

June was a busy month for us this year! T is all done at Head Start and now will be starting kindergarten in the fall, I can’t believe it!!! I literally started crying when it was his last day and was the last time he was going to walk out of that building as a student there. I may have had some problems with the school for 2 years but they helped T out in so many ways and he has progresses so much! His one teacher Miss. M she literally started crying cause she didn’t want to see T leave, everyone loved having T there, but we promised to bring him in to visit his teachers.

Miss. M was crying

Miss. M was crying

Last day of Pre-K

Last day of Pre-K

With T’s class there were a few field trips that they had planned. They had the fire truck come in and they got to use the fire hose, which T was excited about and had a blast. Then we went and visited the fire hall, the kids had fun seeing everything and getting to sit in the ambulance. Then the finally field trip was to a cow farm, the kids get to see baby cows and then see how cows are milked. Poor T he couldn’t handle the smell of the cows so we had to walk away from the class, but I don’t blame him, normally I can handle it but it was a bit strong that day lol.

He loved getting to use the fire hose

He loved getting to use the fire hose

Also in June, D got back to work, where he was working the company decided to lay off about 49 random people. Its like they took a hat a just drew names, it was just all random people they laid off. That was back in February and it was so depressing cause D couldn’t find work where we live. Finally he did find work, its doing what he is good at and we get him out of the house 8hrs a day so that’s all that matters lol. We loved having D home but after awhile he got to be annoying and he just needed to get back to work. If your husband/wife was out of work for 4 months would you be able to handle them the whole time or start going nuts? Its okay be honest here, I was and D knows it lol.

Another good thing happened in June, my little Etsy shop KreativeMumma, made 4 sales bringing it to a total of 8 since last September!! I know not very good sale numbers but I am glad to see I am able to make some sales on Etsy, I guess some people don’t like my stuff or something. Right now I am trying to think of some more geeky related items to work on to add to the shop and maybe a few more quilts. If you would like check out my shop on Etsy and also Facebook page!!

On June 18th, me and D celebrated our 7 year anniversary! Well we didn’t do anything for it just spent it as a normal day but hard to believe it has been 7 years! I couldn’t ask for anyone else but D to be in my life. He is always there for me, especially when I am sick, and always willing to help when it comes to my shop. He is an amazing father to our son and I just couldn’t be any more happier.

The month of June was a very good month! There was a lot of good things that went on yes a few stressful things but that’s called life. I am hoping July we have just as much fun as we did in June! Hope all that read this have a wonderful summer this year and make lots of memories with  your family!!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye June Hello July!

  1. June was a very busy time in our lives. It was a time of farewells, hellos, and we had plenty of fun along the way. Hard to believe that we have been apart of each other’s lives for 7 years. Time sure does fly. You and our son are the best parts of my life, parts that I would want to relive over and over because I couldn’t imagine my life with out you. I love you


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