Catching up

I guess I should get everyone up to date on here, I can’t believe its almost September already! It’s been crazy around here but all for good reasons! First, how has everyone’s summer been?! Done anything fun/interesting, and are your little ones ready for school, or already in school?


The birthday boy!

On July 28th, T turned 5 years old!! I can’t believe he is 5 already, it doesn’t seem possible, I swear children grow super fast. On the 26th we had a little birthday party for him and he had a blast. It was nice getting everyone together to celebrate T’s birthday. Sadly it did start to rain, but everyone stayed and the kids had even more fun after it rain, running in the puddles.


Family photo on T’s birthday.

We have had some major positive success with nighttime potty training with T. We started him going to bed with no pull up since April 16th and he only had 3 accidents within the first 2 weeks. He has been really good about coming down stairs to go pee at night and going pee when he first gets up in the morning. Now if we could work with him actually getting proper amount of sleep we will be doing even better! We send him to bed at 8pm and he will not fall asleep til almost 11pm, its crazy and with him starting school soon that’s not good, since he is back up between 7 and 8am if not earlier on some days.

September 3rd, T will officially start kindergarten, he is super excited! We were able to attend student orientation, that’s when he got to see where his classroom will be and find out who his teacher is. On September 2nd is open house so we get to actually meet his teacher. I’ve been told the lady he will have is a good teacher, so lets hope they are right. I am just nervous cause I know how he can be sometimes, but maybe being in actual school it will be different. One of the things he is most excited for is getting to ride the big school bus. I know dang well I am going to be crying when we put him on the bus for the first day.


How he dressed to go shopping, it was a fun day!

Beginning of August we had to take T to get tested for Autism, they said they don’t see where he is autistic but could have ad/hd, but they want to re-test him again in November. That day was just a very long day. Plus it didn’t help T acted like he would when meeting new people, being super good and doing whatever he is asked to do. I wish he would have acted like his normal self, but maybe next time they will see how he really is.

This summer has been quite interesting and busy, with keeping T entertained. We went camping and he had a blast until he got stung on the neck, he screamed so loud I am shocked no one woke up. He now won’t go outside for long because he is in fear of getting stung again, so its been even crazier trying to keep him more entertained since he won’t go outside, and having a small budget we can’t afford to do much.

Overall, summer has been fun and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, well T getting stung I wish that didn’t happen. Myself and D are excited and sad about T going to kindergarten but I can’t wait to see him come home and be excited about how his days were at school. Thanks to all of you that still stick around to following my blog 🙂

One thought on “Catching up

  1. It’s sad to see our summer end, but in it’s place, lot’s of adventures in the fall starting with T heading to Kindergarten, and more! I can’t wait for another roller coaster ride with T at the wheel!


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