First day of kindergarten!!

(yeah a bit late but finally getting to it!)


T started kindergarten on Sept. 3, 2014, we had to have him to his bus stop by 7:20am, so that meant an early morning for us all. Surprisingly T got up with no problem got dressed and ate some breakfast. I surprised myself and didn’t cry too much, I just couldn’t believe that my baby boy was going to “big kid school” as he calls it. Seemed just like yesterday I was in the hospital getting ready to have him. Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun, and it just doesn’t seem fair! When T got on the bus with no problems, he didn’t cry or fight to get on the bus. He was actually really excited and tired of waiting for the bus to eventually show up.


Now T has gotten used to his routine in the morning for school. We get up between 6 am and 6:20 am, he gets dressed and has breakfast, then he gets to watch at least one show on TV, then its time to head down to the bus stop. I think its crazy how early kids his age has to be up by to get on the bus, it used to be later but since closing a school its all changed. Thankfully we’ve had no problem with T getting used to this schedule. When he gets home the first thing he has to do is homework if he has any. The first day he had homework he fought with us and didn’t wanna do his homework. Finally after about 20 mins of fighting with us, he decided to do his homework, we simply told him, he needs to do homework first then he gets the rest of the evening to do whatever he wants.10606257_10152697625198548_2433992670356346622_n (1)


T has already had school pictures, and we kept telling him NO cheesy smile and when we finally got the pictures, we couldn’t believe it! He took an awesome picture, we were so excited. On a side note, I can’t believe how much school pictures cost!!!!


How was your child(rens) first day of school? Did they have fun? What about school pictures?


One thought on “First day of kindergarten!!

  1. I am so proud of our son and how far he has come since headstart. He is learning so much and growing too fast, I just can’t believe it. I wish he could stay small forever because these are the moments that will last forever


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