Star Wars costume

Our local public library was holding a comic con and we decided we would take T to it, because he LOVES Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. Well about a week before the event, we decided T should wear a costume, T was okay with it and wanted a Star  Wars costume. Well I had to use what I had at home to make his costume, we went with a sith lord costume, it was pretty easy to put together. I made the whole thing out of 1 king size black sheet, I’ve had the sheet but never used it go figure. T was so excited about going to the comic con and going dressed up, but when we got there, he turned into another child I swear. He was a complete brat!! I couldn’t believe he was acting that way, it was ridiculous, I had spent time working on his costume just for him to show his ass like he did. We ended up leaving early due to his attitude, I got really bummed when our local paper was there and took a group photo of all the kids, sadly T was being a brat and didn’t wanna get his picture taken. Overall, the costume came out pretty awesome, but the event was a waste due to T’s nice attitude he had. Below is the photos of T in his costume and the link to the post the paper did up online.

Don’t you just hate when you get prepared to do something fun and then your child just decides to ruin it with their attitude?! Drives me nuts!

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One thought on “Star Wars costume

  1. I know you put alot of time and work into the costume, but I think alot of his issue was because he was tired from school, and there was alot going on at the library. I think his attitude will change, I just hope it’s soon 🙂 ….Man I wish I had a cool costume like that though 😉


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