Happy Thanksgiving!

Our freak out seeing Thomas the train in the parade!

Our freak out seeing Thomas the train in the parade!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a great day with your family. We had dinner at our house again this year and by surprise it went really good, we had a few moments with T but things then got better. There was just one person I wish was here with us and that was my grams, but she came up with excuse why she couldn’t come over for dinner because her and her other half was arguing. It was nice having everyone here and people getting along with no fighting or arguing lol.

This year we had to make sure we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, a certain blue engine named Thomas was in it! When T seen him, he freaked out, we’ve been watching the mini video clips they have put online with the progress of the balloon before the parade and with seeing it today on TV it just made T’s day. I even thought it was pretty awesome seeing it on TV.

If any of you are out black Friday shopping, or by the time you read this have gone out shopping, PLEASE be careful, or if already have, I hope you were safe. There are some crazy people out there trying to get deals and will do whatever it takes. I remember a few years back a worker was killed by customers on black Friday, its ridiculous. I am spending my black Friday at home with someone special, my little man T.

Happy Thanksgiving!! 


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