Medina’s 6th annual Parade of Lights


This year was the 6th year Medina has had their Parade of Lights, during the day is their Ol’ Tyme Christmas, where they have events going on all day and a pet parade, but we never go to that part, we look forward to the parade of lights. Its always fun seeing the things they decorate, and this year was even more special!

This year we live closer to Main St. so we walked down to see the parade, the started off with their tree lighting, then for the first time, they had fireworks! It was pretty cool seeing fireworks in November. Then the parade started, but as usual it started almost 30 minutes late. It was just amazing seeing different companies with their floats decorated and some of the fire departments decorating their trucks. I love this event, it brings the county together and brings in a lot of people from different parts of NY so Medina would be recognized. On top of it they always have this event on the same day as Small Business Saturday, how awesome is that for a small town like Medina.

Our son T had a blast, he did so much better than the past, most of the parade he sat on his daddy’s shoulders and he isn’t exactly light, he’s a 5 year old that weighs about 43lbs, but his dad is awesome. T was also excited he got to see one of his friends in the parade, her parents are part of a fire department and she was riding in the firetruck, he freaked out when he seen her. I love living in a small village, yes it has its cons when it comes to finding something to do but its awesome that they keep the spirit of Christmas and do stuff as a community.

If you’d like click HERE, someone did up a video of the whole parade, I hope when you watch it, you enjoy it, I know everyone around here had a great time and so did our son.


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