Oh Christmas tree…..



How flipping awesome I love you! Our tree has been up since before Thanksgiving, I know some may say its crazy, but I always put the tree up around my birthday which is on Nov. 12th, and since I am the main one that does the decorating I get to do the tree when I feel like it lol. I love having my decorations already up, this way we are able to enjoy the holidays and not worry about getting our stuff put up. This year we had to put our tree on a stand due to my cat kept bothering it, he would get under it and always knock branches off, for some reason this was never an issue til this year. Again this year we used the white tree, with blue lights and blue garland, as for that’s what T requested again, and I’m okay with it cause it looks awesome.


We also have our countdown to Christmas hung up, I made this last year, and I can’t believe how cute it came out. I think the hardest part was hand sewing all the sequins on it.  This year we are also opening one gift a day before bed, and inside that gift is a Christmas or winter themed book, then the book is read that night. Then on Christmas eve there is one special book, we read “T’was the night before Christmas” its something we started with T when he was 1 years old.


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