Gingerbread train!


I think D & T are happy with it!

I think D & T are happy with it!

To be honest neither have myself or D ever made a gingerbread house let alone a gingerbread train! T’s Gigi bought the kit and said well have fun, gee thanks mom. Poor D got so frustrated with the whole thing cause originally he put it together wrong, but him and T got it the way it was supposed to be. It took them over an hour to make this train, which isn’t too bad for the first time and having to re-do the body work, thankfully not much was decorated when they had to fix it.

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the train and how it came out, they did an awesome job for being the first time. Maybe it will be a new tradition for us, is to make a gingerbread something, maybe a house next year. Next thing is, what will we do with it, cause neither do T or myself like gingerbread, so I guess D has a lot to eat lol. Have you made a gingerbread house or anything like this for Christmas? Please comment and share 🙂


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