Ugh…sewing issues


I began sewing again a few years ago, I actually enjoyed sewing, I loved creating new things. Now, I am growing tired of sewing, I am just basically bored with it, and I just can’t believe it. I think it might be due to having my Etsy shop up and running, I am trying to make things people will like and list them in the shop and have no luck, so I have a lot of stuff sitting in bins waiting to be sold. I currently have an order my grams put in months ago, but she said no big rush (thank you!), then a friend of ours ordered a blanket and pillows, then tonight I just received another order for a pillow and I am just bleh about sewing anything and our friends order I need to get finished cause it has to get to her by the 20th of December. I just wish I knew what happened to my happiness about sewing. Maybe I should put the shop in vacation mode for a while and give it a break, or I just don’t know. I am just tired of disappointed with my shop, maybe I’ll get rid of the made to order items for a bit and just try to sell the ready to ship items.

Do you have a shop and ever lose interest in what you used to love doing? What did you do to re-gain your love for what you make.


3 thoughts on “Ugh…sewing issues

  1. It’s a pity that you seem to have lost the joy of sewing. Perhaps the problem is that when you have a shop it becomes a job instead of a hobby. If it’s a hobby you can sew whenever you want whatever you like. If it’s a job there are deadlines and you may have to sew things that you don’t really want to sew at that moment in your life.
    I don’t have a job that relates to sewing but I don’t think you should sew things that you think other people will want. If those things don’t really match your personal style it will soon become a chore. Stay close to the things that you like and enjoy.


    • Thank you! I honestly think that is what happened, it just seems more like a job than anything. I started my shop with the hopes of just wanting to sell items I loved to make, but then I started worrying about making stuff people would like, just to try and get sales. I think after Christmas I am going to try and go back to sewing the way I used to and not worry so much about the shop. I’ll leave it open and if I get sales I do, just make stuff I am happy with!


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