Quilts of 2014

Now I didn’t get to making many quilts this year as for I was too busy spending time with family and trying to make stuff for my shop, in hopes people would buy. I’m thinking in the new year of making more quilts, its what I love to make the most!!


These two mini quilts I had made up for my shop, but unfortunately haven’t sold  yet. The mini Christmas quilt is my favorite because I just love the Christmas fabrics, it measures only 24×27. The mini Tetris is something I came up with, I’ve made a full-size Tetris blanket, but this time I just wanted to make a mini one and it measures 24×24.



This quilt was actually a custom order from a friend of ours. The lady asked if I could make a Eeyore quilt for her mother, and of course I said I would. It was a pretty simple quilt to put together, I think the hardest part was free motion quilting the whole thing. I have been told our friends mother loves the quilt!


This quilt, I had come up with the design, I had purchased a mini charm pack a while ago and had no idea what I was going to do with it. After some thinking I came up with this quilt pattern. I absolutely LOVED this quilt, but I knew I have enough quilts so it was listed in my shop and after a few months it was sold. I was a little sad to see it go, but I know its keeping another child nice and warm.


This quilt, I too came up with the design. I love anything pixel or 8-bit, and thought the heart versions was always awesome. I went with the rainbow theme because it can be neutral gender and it also represents equality, which I support 100%. I had this listed in the shop for made to order, and well never had any sales, so I took it off the shop, but I still have this for myself and love using it as a nice lap blanket or when camping, to keep warm.


I previously made my first 8-bit Mario quilt a few years ago, and decided to put the quilt in my shop but as made to order, finally after almost a year someone bought it! So I went and made this quilt, and to be honest I love this quilt more than the original. This quilt is also free motion quilted all over and took me little over a week to complete it. I do hope the customer loves the quilt, I haven’t heard from them and they never left a review.


This was a custom order from our friend, she wanted it for her son’s birthday. This quilt is pretty awesome, but was too much in a pain! My thread kept snapping while I was free motion quilting it, then the shadow figure was supposed to be bigger but didn’t print out right so I was able to make it look nice with the figures name next to it. This figures name is Udyr from a game called League of Legends, our friend also ordered 4 pillows with each a design on them, which were too a pain, but in the end, I made a kids birthday nice and that’s all that matters. Our friend loves the stuff and so does her son!


Lastly! This quilt was pretty simple, I’ve had this panel for over a year, and finally decided to make it into a quilt for T, I made it in time for Christmas. Just a quick free motion quilting and binding, he was excited to see this quilt!


Overall some nice quilts I have made over the year and I am glad to have made them all! I am already got new quilt ideas in mind for the new year and can’t wait to make them!!


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