Crochet Ninja Turtle hat!


I found this cute crocheted Ninja Turtle beanie hat on Pinterest and I knew eventually I would make it. Today I finally decided to make the hat, last night I had T pick out the green he wanted and what color band he wanted too. Of course he picked Leo (blue one) because blue is his favorite color and he likes Leo. The only thing about the pattern I found, it didn’t have a pattern for the hat it self, so I used the pattern I’ve been using for my other hats. The eyes I think are a bit different, but I like how the hat came out, and T LOVES his new hat! He freaked out when I finished it and told him it was for him.

Hat inspiration click HERE.

Crochet hat pattern HERE.

White eyes HERE.

The black was just something I figured out on my own, its a black circle. You could also, instead of crocheting the white and black for the eyes, use felt and sew them onto the hat, would just as awesome too! I think next time I make T a ninja turtle hat, I will just use felt for the eyes.

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