First Snow Day!!!

Outside our front door

Outside our front door

So it may not look like a lot of snow but we had our first snow day this school year! The reason why the schools closed is not because of the snow, its because of the coldness, the temps are in the single digits and then a windchill of up to -20F, its crazy cold out today! It was nice getting the phone call this morning saying the schools were closed. Poor T has been sick since Christmas and he is starting to get better, then having to stand out in this nasty cold for a bus on Monday & Tuesday didn’t help his cold. I am hoping our schools superintendent is smart and will close school again tomorrow since it could be even colder in the morning, but who knows. Knowing our school system they won’t, T’s school doesn’t like to close due to weather, this way the teachers can get their money. I remember when I was still school (same schools) and it was colder than today and we still had school, it was already in the negatives and the windchill was crazy, and ton of snow still had school, shows ya how much the school doesn’t like to close.


Well if any of you are getting this nasty weather PLEASE be safe and bundle your little ones up! We are staying indoors and watching cartoons, good way to spend a cold day like today!





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