Trip to urgent care…

Getting his blood pressure taken.

Getting his blood pressure taken.

Wednesday (March 25, 2015) started out as a normal crazy morning. D was getting ready to take T to the bus stop and all of a sudden T said his stomach was hurting and he was crying. We thought maybe he was still hungry, didn’t eat enough breakfast or just had to simply poop. Next thing I know, T is running to the bathroom throwing up, needless to say, T didn’t go to school. He spent a good part of the day on the couch, completely out of it. He wouldn’t eat anything, and was barely drinking anything, all he would drink is a little of flat 7-up and some water. He puked several other times thru the day, finally decided to take him to the urgent care center in the next town.

We got into urgent care, waited about 30 mins before seeing a doctor, thankfully T was being good waiting. T’s Gigi surprised him by going and getting daddy from work. Thankfully D’s work was letting him leave early to be with us, and the best part is his work was only 5 mins down the road from the urgent care. We finally got in to see the doc, by this time he has already started improving, drinking more water and keeping it down. The doctor said he basically had the 24hr bug and was pretty dehydrated.

I couldn’t believe that T was dehydrated, I felt like a bad parent cause he was dehydrated bad. But, we tried getting him to drink during the day, but he just didn’t want to. When he did drink, he would be in the bathroom puking. I hated seeing T like that, he was just laying on the couch so out of it. I was so glad to have taken him to urgent care to be checked out, his normal doc wouldn’t have done anything and the normal ER we would have sat there for 5+ hours to be told the same thing. I am glad we finally have an urgent care in the area. I’ve heard people complain about the place but, from my experience, it was great. The nurse was even being so nice, when she took T’s blood pressure, he asked if she could take his bear Blu’s pressure. She put a cuff on T and a small one on Blu, I thought that was really nice, not many good nurses like that around here.

About 24hrs after have gone to be checked out T has improved A LOT and basically back to his normal self. I’ve learned from this, when he is this bad to push water into his system, even if he doesn’t want to drink it. He’s never been this sick before, but I am thankful he is much better.


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