Colored deviled eggs



That’s right, colored deviled eggs!! I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest since last year and have been wanting to make them. This time for Easter I was able to finally make these eggs, and so glad I did. I’ve found you can color these eggs for anything! Baby shower, 4th of July whatever holiday or event you’re going to want to bring deviled eggs, think about coloring them. You can color them whatever color you’d like.

They are pretty easy to make, just boil your eggs, cool them, peel them, cut in half take out the yolk set aside. Next get the colors you want to make, add some water, vinegar and the color(s) you chose, get mixed well and then place your egg in the bowl. Let the egg sit in the color for as long as you’d like, til you get to the color your happy with. Next, simply set on some paper towel to dry and then mix up the yolk like normal and add to the eggs. Pretty simple and easy, I’m thinking for my uncle’s yearly 4th of July party I might make some in red, white and blue, since my grams makes them for the party and always nasty lol.

Go ahead and give the egg coloring a try, I can’t wait to see and hear how my family loves these eggs!


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