Learning how to play Pokemon

This is the trainer kit

This is the trainer kit

Yes that’s right! T wanted to learn how to play Pokemon, he has a friend at school who plays and he said he wants to learn. So, I decided to buy him some Pokemon cards, and boy that was interesting to do. I knew our local Walmart sells the cards there, so I’m standing in the isle looking at all the different cards. Now, if it was Magic the Gathering (MtG), no problem I know what I’m looking for lol, but Pokemon there is so much more it seems like. Finally, I found something that would work perfect for T, it is basically a trainer set, it was only $10. How it is set up, you take the cards directly out of the wrapper, and set it up, the cards are in a certain order, so when you read the book to learn to play it goes all a certain way. Like, the booklet it comes with tells you what card you’ll get and exactly which card to play.

Me and T playing

Me and T playing, book in my hand tells how to play each turn

Today, myself, D & T sat at the table and learned how to play. Now me and D play MtG, but Pokemon is a bit different. So, I was one side and T was on the other with help from D, he was so excited to get started. Close to the end of the game, T was starting to get the hang of it. I’m thinking a few more times with this special deck, and he’ll be able to figure it out. Now, me and D just have to finish figuring it out as well. We told him, once he gets the hang of it we will buy him more Pokemon cards. If your child is wanting to play, I would recommend looking for this, it will help out a lot!

booklet that shows how each turn will go!

booklet that shows how each turn will go!

It was such a proud geek parent moment when he said he wanted to learn how to play cards. It is amazing seeing how T is transforming into something different, he isn’t like normal kids, and I think that’s what makes him more awesome when it comes to certain things. I just wish some people didn’t down him all cause he is different from other kids. But, its okay, he has us and friends that love him the way he is!

Do you and/or your kids play Pokemon or MtG? How old were you when you played and do you still play? I’d love to hear the stories 🙂


One thought on “Learning how to play Pokemon

  1. I had such an awesome time trying to figure out how to play pokemon! It’s alot different from MtG but hey, gotta learn something new once and a while and i honestly liked it, a far cry from how I was a teen! I can’t wait til we get to teach him more about the game and get him more into it….then the fun will really begin!

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