This kids imagination!!


I made T a pikachu and a pokeball a while ago and he has been in love with these two items. Lately he has been into Pokemon a lot, like we have to watch it every morning or at least record it so he can watch it later.

He will some days, take the pokeball, throw it and call one of the Pokemon’s out and pretend its out fighting other Pokemon. Then he’ll take Pikachu and holler “Pikachu use thunder tale” and throw him like he’s attacking. T will go on for like 5 minutes doing this and it’s funny to watch him. He came up to me put on his red hat, and put Pikachu in his jammies to make it look like he’s on his shoulder and said “look, I’m like Ash”.

I swear kids imagination is simply amazing! I wish I still had an imagination like him. What’s your child’s favorite thing to play with and use their imagination with?!

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