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Happy Halloween!!


Hope you all had a fun/safe Halloween this year! We are all done trick-or-treating and T is in bed just about passed out. He had a great time this year, he even took his favorite bear named Blu with him. Blu had a bag of his own and some people actually gave him candy, I thought it was really nice they did that 🙂 It really made T’s night when Blu was getting candy as well. 

T & Blu’s matching bags, may look small but they both hold a lot of candy lol

T went as a race car driver this year, after looking at several costumes it’s the one he picked out and was happy with. I then made him a new candy bag, and he asked if I could make one for Blu as well, so he picked out the fabric and I made them matching bags. He freaked out when he seen the bags finished lol.

How was your Halloween this year, did you pass out candy or take children out?


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