Another hobby learned….plastic canvas!

You may ask what is plastic canvas? Well, plastic canvas is a craft material of lightweight plastic with regularly spaced holes in imitation of embroidery canvas. Plastic canvas comes in various colors and the size of the holes varies as well. The sizes are normally 5, 7, 10 & 14 count, what does that mean? It means how many holes there are in an inch.

Some people may think, oh it’s an older person hobby and other stuff. But, it’s rather fun to make and it is for any age and anyone. You can almost make anything you want with plastic canvas. I’ve seen people make toy house, toy trains and other stuff, it’s amazing what you can make. I haven’t ventured into making that kind of stuff, but I have stuck to making like magnets and wreaths. I also made up some mini magnets that was made with 10 count and sold them at RetroGameCon, they were a big hit and I sold a decent amount of them 🙂


First wreath I made, it was actually first plastic canvas project I made, I am still amazed at how well it turned out! (this was made with 7 count)

There are a lot of designs you can find online via Google and Pinterest. Also, you can take perler bead designs (which are basically an 8 bit style) and use that to make something with plastic canvas.

I’ve also made a few key chains with plastic canvas, it’s just awesome what all you can do with plastic canvas. I would suggest giving this a try, it’s fairly easy to learn and doesn’t cost much in supplies. I learned by watching videos and reading tutorials I found on Google, so go ahead and give it a try!!!


3 thoughts on “Another hobby learned….plastic canvas!

  1. I think plastic canvas is another medium that alot of younger folks overlook as an art form that older people get into but i think that with the a limitless amount of different designs and colors, the possibility is endless to transition this art form into something wonderful! you made some pretty stellar stuff and I for one can’t wait to see what you make next!

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    • I knew little of it when I was a kid but always loved seeing finished projects. I just started a little over a year ago and I’m in love with it. I find it fun to key chains and magnets. It’s just sad that it’s something some people don’t appreciate anymore, but I do have to say I made a lot of magnets gamer related for a gaming convention and sold a decent amount 🙂


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