Temperature Blanket 2016

Every year people make a New Year’s resolution and usually about 75% of those people don’t keep their resolution. This year I did not make one, instead I started a crochet project that will literally take me all year long!

Day 14

Day 14

I had seen people posting about this temperature blanket all over Facebook, and it took a friend of mine to post about it to get me really thinking I should give it a try. What is a temperature blanket? Well, you chose a color scheme based on the different temperatures. Every person follows a different chart and some follow the same.

I decided to come up with my own and I am loving the colors so far 🙂 I guess this idea originally started as a scarf a few years back but now people are turning into blankets and other stuff.

My color chart I came up with!

My color chart I came up with!

I have to say so far the blanket is coming along pretty good! I can’t wait to see what it will look like once it’s warmer weather, right now it’s been in the 20’s with snow. I’ve seen people come up with this concept with sewing, which I think is pretty awesome! But, I’ll stick to crocheting for this.


3 thoughts on “Temperature Blanket 2016

  1. I have followed your blog since we swapped mug rugs years ago. When T was very young. I read your most recent post and tried to comment there but for some reason the blog won’t let me. I can’t even remember your first name. Guess that shows how old I am getting. I just want to let you know that I am here to support your weight loss pursuit. I myself have lost and regained 100 lbs so I know how difficult it is too loose it and then how easy it is to go right back to old habits and gain it back. About 4 months ago I started with Weight Watchers using their online app and have lost another 20 lbs. It is a very slow loss for me but I am determined just like you to make it work. I wish I could have found your email but didn’t see it anywhere on your blog. Here is mine stampqn@gmail.com I would love for us to support each other on our journey. Jan

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    • Hi! I remember you from the mug rug swap, it was hosted by Crafty Gemini. That’s awesome that you’ve followed my blog since then 🙂 My recent blog post I had to take down for certain reasons. Thank you for the support it means so much to me to have some positive support 🙂 It’s really hard for me to lose the weight with having PCOS, it makes it easy to gain but hard to lose. But, I do manage to lose 5-10lbs every now and then lol, the joys of having a messed up body. I thought my email was on my blog, I’ll have to fix that, thank you. Mine is kreativemum@gmail.com, you can email me anytime 🙂 -K


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