Sewing mojo Missing!


Sewing mojo has been missing since December 2015, have you seen it?!

In November I rushed to get things made so I was ready for RetroGameCon, then in December I rushed to finish some custom orders and since then I’ve wanted nothing to do with sewing. I’m not sure if it’s because of all the rushing I did caused me to not want to sew or what it is.

I have made a few small projects since then, but they took me longer than normal and just made sewing even more boring. I’ve cleaned my sewing area several times, bought new fabrics, found great new ideas and still nothing 😦

I’m at my wits I don’t know what to do. I have an Etsy shop that has been getting neglected neglected because I haven’t been wanting to sew. I haven’t even been wanting to crochet or work on plastic canvas. I just sit on the couch bored out of my mind, I really wish I knew what was going on, maybe I’m just starting to go crazy lol.

This is the longest I’ve gone with a lost sewing mojo, I want to sew but just the thought of going and actually sewing I just get I don’t know just weird and back away. Any suggestions, I need to get back to sewing!!


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