Snow time fun


T just recently had a 5 day weekend, and we got hit with a lot of snow, I believe we got close to 18 inches of snow! Yesterday (02.16.2016) D went out to shovel out the driveway and T got to go out and play in the snow finally. I decided to bundle up and join T in having some fun. T had a blast being pulled around on his sled, then he wanted to make a snowman but didn’t want to actually make it. So I started to make part of it and then T actually decided to help make the rest of him. We didn’t know where to put the snowman cause where we live people can be very rude and destroy him, so we had a spare trashcan and built our mini snowman on that. Needless to say, we all had a blast actually getting outside and playing in the snow. Myself and T even had a small snowball fight, he was having way too much fun with that. I’m so glad we were able to go out and enjoy some family time, it’s something we’ve been lacking and it was just a ton of fun!


2 thoughts on “Snow time fun

    • It was fun, and made it nicer your work closed for the night due to weather lol. We have another storm rolling in but not sure it will be as bad as the last one. Either way T had a blast and that’s all that matters ❤


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