30 Day Writing Challenge (day 1/30)

Decided it was time to try and get back into blogging like I used to when this blog was started 5 years ago! I went and searched on Google and here on WordPress and I can’t believe how many different challenges there are out there! I finally came across one I actually like, I got the list from HERE, if you haven’t been blogging lately and want to get back into it or just want a change of pace, check out the list. Going to try and do this everyday for 30 days, but hey life gets in the way sometimes lol. So here we go!

Day 1: List 10 things that make you happy.

  1. My family, having D & T in my life have made it so much better, everyday is always something different and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  2. Being a full time stay at home mom because I absolutely love it!
  3. Pandora internet radio, if I didn’t have music on some days I believe I would go completely crazy. I have days where I just wanna sit, relax and just listen to all sorts of music.
  4. Not having to be around certain people in my family, because they have nothing but drama and always try to suck you into their nonsense.
  5. Having family time where it’s just myself, D and T.
  6. Going to the drive-in, it’s always a blast sitting out under the stars watching movies, and making memories with T.
  7. Fabric!! Yes fabric, I love when I am able to buy fabric, even if I don’t need it, I like having it because you never know when you’ll need that certain piece.
  8. Being spoiled. There are times where D will just spoil me a little, like letting me get something I really wanted via video game, craft supplies, new sewing machine, etc.
  9. Camping! It’s amazingly a great time going out in the country (or campground), set up a tent and just enjoy being outdoors.
  10. Flowers, and no not roses like some people. I prefer like daisies, carnations, flowers like that because they are much prettier and last longer.

Wow, that was actually harder than I thought. I thought coming up with 10 things would be easy but apparently it wasn’t. Does that mean I’m not happy that much? Is there something wrong with me? Am I that boring? Well either way I was able to come up with something, so that should count right?


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