Ways to win my heart? (day 6/30)

Onto day 6 of the writing challenge and as you can tell my the title today’s topic is “5 ways to win your heart”. Hmmm 5 things to win my heart? That’s a bit of a challenge because I don’t really need anything to win my heart, well onto trying to come up with five things 🙂

  1. Be a good, honest human being. Like seriously how hard is that? But, sadly a lot of people these days seem to forget that 😦
  2. Flowers! I love receiving flowers, especially like carnations or something like those, they are just so pretty.
  3. Be willing to spend actual time with me, like relax and watch a movie or a favorite TV show with no distractions (i.e: cellphones, computers, etc).
  4. Hmmm…..be able cook something good, no ordering or taking me out somewhere, a good homemade meal.
  5. FABRIC! Yes, I love my fabric, I guess if you get me almost any design fabric I’d be happy, I can never have enough fabric lol.

Hey, guess it wasn’t too bad to come up with 5 things, however, #1 is the biggest thing to winning my heart. People need to be just honest with you and be a decent human being, not much to ask for, but it’s true that people forget that these days.


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