Enjoying some music (day 7/30)

giphy (2)

Ooooo an easy one today! I absolutely love listening to music, especially when I’m sewing or even when I’m play World of Warcraft. It’s going to be tough narrowing it down just to ten but here we go!

Day 7 “list 10 songs you’re loving right now“.

  1. Jekyll & Hyde – Five Finger Death Punch
  2. Words As Weapons – Seether
  3. Love Runs Out – One Republic
  4. Illmerica – Wolfgang Gartner
  5. Cut The Cord – Shinedown
  6. Vader Vs Hitler – Epic Rap Battles of History…..all 3 parts are just funny as fuck!
  7. Dot Your Eyes – Five Finger Death Punch
  8. Kill Everybody – Skrillex…..awesome song to listen to when playing World of Warcraft
  9. Same Damn Life – Seether
  10. Roots – Imagine Dragons

There we go 10 songs I’m loving right now, kind of a mix of different types of music. Each song listed above has a link connected to check it out 🙂 What are 5 songs you’re loving right now?



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