Today was an amazing day! Started off with being nice and warm outside, I believe it got up to a high of 61 degrees! We decided to get together with friends and take kids bowling, it was T’s first time bowling and our friends nephew first time bowling. T freaked out when we got to the lanes, he was beyond excited he was finally able to go actual bowling. Myself and D even decided to bowl as well and boy I forgot how much I loved it, the last time we went was moonlight bowling back in 2008, before T was born. 

It was just an amazing time seeing T have a blast bowling and for him being a lefty he did an amazing job, after the first 10 frames he finished with like a score of 80, not bad for a 6 year old who has never actually bowled. It was also really nice to go out and be with friends, that is something I am not used to and it was a great time. We’ve already decided during T’s spring break next month we gotta get together again, maybe at a park and let the kids have fun again. 

I have a feeling we will be going to the lanes again soon because T had a ton of fun and wants to go again 🙂 It was an amazing way to spend a Sunday with warm weather, family/friends and bowling. 


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