The Struggle (day 8/30)

Today’s challenge is “something you struggle with”, this is another tough one because there is a lot I struggle with.

The biggest struggle I deal with on a daily basis is self image, to some people they have no problem but for me it’s really tough. I’m always downing myself because when I look in a mirror I see a fat ugly person looking back at me. My fiance is always telling me I’m beautiful and stuff, even my son has told me I am beautiful, but I don’t listen to them because in my mind all I see is ugliness.

I’m not sure if the reason I have self image issues is because of being told I was fat and ugly growing up, maybe that has gotten embedded in my mind so that’s all I see. I do have my days where I do feel good about myself, but most of the time I hate what I see in the mirror. People say “if you don’t like what you see then change it”, um you can’t change what you look like unless you’re a fool and wear make up, um no thank you I’d rather spend my money on other things.

I guess this is one struggle I will always have to deal with because I don’t think anytime soon that will ever change 😦

5 thoughts on “The Struggle (day 8/30)

  1. Even if you don’t like makeup, it’s a bit harsh to call someone a fool for liking to wear it. I love make up, but I’m a not fool. I personally have no problem with someone not liking makeup, to each their own. But I’d never call someone names over their decision.


    • I was a bit harsh calling people who wear make up fools, I’m not sure why I said it like that. It doesn’t bother me if people wear it, I’m just more a fan of the natural beauty.


    • I try to, but it’s really hard to block out the negativity when you’ve been raised around it and still continue to go thru it at times 😦


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