Something I feel strong about (day 10/30)

Oh, this is an interesting one “write about something in which you feel strongly“, now this I have so many different things, and I probably could be called a cold heartless bitch because of some of those things and personally it won’t bother me because I have a lot of people who hate and disagree with me on so much so oh well lol.

*Warning* this post may contain a lot of curse words, if anything in this post offends you don’t bother commenting because I don’t care about your opinion on this matter, I will simply delete the comment, so thank you and have a nice day 🙂

United States of America is nothing but pure bullshit and built on lies and stealing. People came to North America and stole the land from the Native Americans, they beat, killed and even raped the natives just so they can take their land and claim in as their own. But gee schools won’t teach children the real truth on how things truly were. My son is in first grade and comes home and tells me some of the things he is taught at school and I’ve told him your teachers a full of shit, and the history books are wrong and I tell him what truly happens. My kid doesn’t need to be raised on lies from the damn government because they need to cover their own asses. I just fucking hate what schools teach children, even when I was in school I knew it was all bullshit and when I told them the truth I got into trouble.

I think that is enough talking about this, I have so much I can go into details with but won’t.



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