What if I….(day 11/30)

Today’s challenge is “something you always think “what if” about”, this again is many different things (I know pathetic right?!)

The main “what if” I’m thinking about is, what if I had met D sooner than I did. We met online back in March/Aprilish 2007 he then moved up to NY from PA in July 2007. He is 4 years older than me, what if I met him before I met my ex who was my first bf and everything. Which would have meant I would have been 17 and D would have been 21 which my ex was like 20 when we first got together, but anyways. What would life have been like if me and D got together 2 years sooner than we did, would I have still been here in NY or would have I moved to PA to be with him? Would we have had more than one child?

Life may have been the same as it is now, but it could have also been a bit different. I know D have said several times he wished he had met me before his ex gf (who was also his first gf and so on), if he had met me before her I would have been like 12 years old and him like 16 years old or something like that. Quite young for me but I think if I met him that young I still would have known he was the one.

Everyone always wonders “what if” and I truly do wish what if I had met D a few years earlier than I did, maybe life would have been a bit different and maybe we wouldn’t have as much stress as we deal with on a daily basis.


One thought on “What if I….(day 11/30)

  1. I’ve thought about that over the course of almost 9 years now. What if we did meet, how would things be and things like that. Yes I do think things would be different. We might have better circumstances that what we’re currently facing, we may or may not have more then one child, but honestly, regardless of the how sooner or later we would have gotten together, these almost 9 years have been the best of my life, because of you 😉 ❤

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