Looking forward to this (day 13/30)

Day 13: “what are you excited about”.

Last week I found out that RetroGameCon will be returning in November this year, this will be their 4th year and I can’t wait. It will be my 2nd year being a vendor at this event, I’ve already started to think of stuff to make and sell there. I can’t wait til they have the forums up for vendors to sign up. I’m just hoping the price will be the same as last year or at least close to the price. RetroGameCon is just an awesome experience to have, I know T had a blast when he got to go walk around and check out all the awesome things. Myself and D enjoyed seeing videos games we grew up on and seeing amazing work by other vendors.

7:30am and waiting for RetroGameCon to start!

The picture above is from my booth set up at RetroGameCon 2015, we had to be there super early to finish setting up, needless to say when it was about 11am which was 2 hours after they opened the whole building was FULL of geeks and nerds and it was AMAZING!!!


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