Baby Shower Gifts


My cousin is pregnant with her first child and it’s going to be a little boy. The theme for the baby is Batman so of course I decided to make items for her instead of store bought. I made her a plaque with the first letter for her son, then made a crochet Batman lovey blanket, then made a Batman themed quilt which my grams paid for all the materials but then decided to put everyone’s name on it. My mom also ordered from me some burp rags and some wee wee tee pees (which I didn’t get a picture before wrapping them).

When my cousin finally got to mine (yeah she had A LOT of gifts) I made sure I was there to see her reaction. She opened the plaque first and started tearing up over it, then she opened the lovey blanket and got more teary eyed. Once she got to the baby quilt she was really holding back the tears. She came to me and gave me a big hug, which is funny because I’m 5’5 and she’s a few inches shorter than me, and said thank you and could hear she wanted to cry over the things. She said they were beautiful and that she loved them, it made my day to hear she loved the items I made. When she got the wee wee tee pees, the reaction was priceless, she didn’t know what they were. Once she was told she thought it was awesome and everyone was laughing and thought it was such a cute thing.

I’m just glad I was able to make her some awesome things for her first born, I always prefer handmade items over store bought (except clothes lol I can’t make those).

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gifts

    • Thank you, I just checked to get the site I got the pattern from and it’s no longer there, the blog itself is gone. What I did when first thinking of making this was just searched “crochet batman patterns” on Pinterest until I found one I liked and followed it just for the head part.

      The blanket part is just an granny square that I kept adding to until I reached the size I liked. I used Red Heart worsted yarn with a J hook. Then hand stitched the head onto the middle of the granny square 🙂

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