The way my day went….(day 15/30)

Today’s challenge is “bullet point your whole day”, pretty simple as for today I didn’t do much.

  • Went to bed at 3am
  • Got up at 9am with a severe cramp in my leg, got that to go away and went back to sleep.
  • Woke back up at 11:30am, went pee and got my shower and got dressed up as for I was going to my cousins baby shower.
  • Left our house went to pick up my grandmother, listen to her bitch about everything, which is what she does on a daily basis.
  • Got to my cousins house and was there for like 5 hours. I basically stood the whole time I was there except two times I sat on the floor. But, it was worth the pain my feet got, because seeing my cousin almost cry over the gifts I made her, just made it better.
  • Went to 7-eleven and got a nice cold Pepsi, I was so damn thirsty lol
  • Got back into town we dropped off my grams, I went to get in the front seat (I don’t drive) and apparently my grams had a bottle of water and it leaked on the seat and my whole left ass cheek got wet >_>
  • Got home, my son ran up to me and jumped up into my arms, thankfully I was ready to catch him.
  • Ordered some yummy buffalo chicken pizza
  • Got my son off to bed.
  • Sat on the couch with my feet up and now relaxing until bedtime. My fiance said after T went to bed to sit on the couch put up my feet and relax so I did just that lol.

Overall a good day, didn’t do much but like mentioned above seeing my cousins reaction to the stuff I made her, was just priceless.


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